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Index of Economic Freedom.

For 15 years, The Wall Street Journal and The Heritage Foundation have been measuring countries' commitment to free-market capitalism in the "Index of Economic Freedom." The 2009 Index, published this week, provides strong evidence that the countries that maintain the freest economies do the best job of promoting prosperity for all citizens.

According to this index Armenia took 31st position which is number one in CIS countries

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accc established direct relations with government of armenia and important state agencies.

Last year Prof. Azat Vartanian, the Chairman of the ACCC and members of his delegations had meetings with Hon. S. Sargsyan, the President of Armenia, Dr. Vahram Nercissiantz, the Chief Advisor to the President, Hon. Tigran Sargsyan, the Prime Minister of Armenia.


Our delegation had meetings with Ministers representing different fields: Economy, Finance, State Revenue, Protection of Nature and etc.

Important issues related to the ACCC activities have been discussed and planned.

The High Officials welcomed the establishment of the ACCC."Les Grands Explorateurs" explores Armenia


Les Grands Explorateurs", a Montreal-based private, education oriented company, widely known for 36 years for its series of high quality presentations on various countries and cultures of the world, has included in its current season a ciné-conference (a public lecture and a video film) about Armenia and its ancient culture. The presentation, produced by Marie Dominique Massol, will tour major Quebec cities from January 5 to March 7. It is expected that during the current season some 400 thousand spectators in 48 cities will attend presentations organized by "Les Grands Explorateurs". .

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Prof. Azat Vartanian also met Mr. Robert Harutyunyan, the President of the Armenia Development Agency

and after discussings the future cooperation, the Agreement between two entities had been signed.


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