Our Mission


The Chamber’s mission is to be the foremost non-governmental authority on all aspects of two-way trade and investment between Canada and Armenia.
The Chamber works closely with the Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments, the City Hall of Montreal, the Government of the Republic of Armenia, the Armenian Development Agency, Canadian and Armenian businesses, organizations and institutions.

The ACCC is a non-for-profit business organization serving its members through communications, networking and advocacy. Representing all business sectors, the ACCC is a member-driven/member-focused organization with its primary goal to promote the development of commerce between Canada and Armenia.
Our members represent a broad cross-section of businesspersons and entrepreneurs from Canada, Armenia and other countries. They include Canadian companies and individuals operating or willing to operate in Armenia, Armenian companies and individuals with ties to Canada, small business owners and Canadians working in Armenia.
We, at the ACCC, promote the development of a strong, proud, representative and committed membership. We also provide services designed to meet the needs of our members.

The ACCC is actively engaged in key sectors of economic development. As such, it advocates an action-oriented philosophy based on credibility, proactivity and impact.

The ACCC carries out its mandate in a variety of ways, including:

The ACCC endeavours to:


With this in mind, the Chamber provides an infrastructure of networks, informational and administrative resources. This infrastructure is available for any organization to use in support of activities or communications relevant to the mission. The Chamber’s structure allows the broader community to come up with ideas as to how this infrastructure can best be used in support of specific activities. This in turn will ensure that the events and activities it supports are directly related to our mission and reflective of specific business opportunities as identified by the business community in Armenia and Canada.
Most uses of the Chamber’s infrastructure and assets are FREE, as our objective is to support and encourage any activity which can contribute to our defined mission.

ACCC is a business club, whose purpose is to foster, support and expand trade and investment relations among private companies in Armenia and Canada. In the public eye, ACCC stands for free trade, improvement of the business environment in both countries, aiming at expanding bilateral trade, while also acting to support trade and economic interests of its members.

In its capacity as a service organization, ACCC focuses its efforts on building and promoting a networking system, disseminating information, and rendering additional support services to its members, against payment of a fee for services rendered.