The idea of the establishment of the Armenia-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ACCC) was based on the results of the analyses of the needs of Canadian and Armenian business communities made by the International Informatization Academy, the NGO in General Consultative Status with UN (ECOSOS).

Through discussions with the Governments of Armenia and Canada, as well as the representatives of businesses from both countries, it was determined that the ACCC could become a good vehicle to assist in the development of economic and social relations between Canada and Armenia.

The subject was presented to the Government of Canada by Dr. Vahram Nercissiantz, the Chief Advisor to the President of Armenia, during his visit to Canada in 2007. The idea was welcomed and acknowledged by both governments.

The ACCC was incorporated in Canada by Lapointe Rosenstein Law firm as a non-for–profit organization in 2008.  Its objectives were broadened to include working for the interests of companies from both countries, whether for exporters, importers, inward or outward investors.

In July of 2008 the ACCC signed its first cooperation agreement with the Armenian Development Agency.