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Membership Benefits

How does membership with the Armenia-Canada Chamber of Commerce help members compete?

A membership with the ACCC gives:


The ACCC serves as a credible business association in Canada and Armenia. Through consultation and research, and in collaboration with its members, the ACCC speaks for thousands of Canadian and Armenian business people. Because of who it represents, it is seen as the authoritative voice on all business matters.


The ACCC interprets federal issues and communicates members’ views to policymakers in Ottawa and Yerevan. Our expert policy staff works directly with our members on issues that matter most to Canadian and Armenian businesses; this means that members are steering the debate.


For members, the ACCC provides up-to-date information on policy and legislative changes that affect businesses. Members receive informed analysis by the ACCC’s economists and policy experts. The Chamber’s "intelligence network" – the best in the business – gives members an early warning system of upcoming federal developments.


Representing different businesses of all sizes, in all sectors, in all regions, the ACCC’s membership network forms the basis for its authoritative voice. Given its size, constituencies, history, and track record, becoming an ACCC member is a sound business investment. Members can count on the ACCC’s network of qualified staff, corporate volunteers, and Board of Directors to act as credible voices on issues that matter most to Canadian and Armenian businesses.

By becoming a corporate member of the ACCC, you step ahead of the competition with up-to-the moment market intelligence, services, and opportunities. Once you join, you will have the nation’s largest business federation representing your interests in Canada and Armenia and on the world stage.


As a corporate member, here’s what you’ll receive:

Policy Advocacy
The ACCC’s strength is its consultative process. Members have the opportunity to be closely involved with the work of the ACCC’s policy staff through membership in committees, which interface directly with key government officials. Alternatively, members may rely on the ACCC’s team of policy staff to provide them with expertise on issues ranging from taxation and economic policy to technology, transportation, and the environment.
Networking opportunities
Throughout the year, the ACCC offers its members various networking opportunities with peers, government officials, and business leaders. Through participation in policy committees, the annual general meeting, business leader roundtables and other seminars and special events, corporate members have the opportunity to meet and discuss issues that are important to them. Corporate members also have the first option on developing sponsorship opportunities which offer high business and networking profile.
Timely, relevant information and publications
Through various communication vehicles, such as policy reports and submissions, news releases and the Web site, the ACCC ensures that its members get timely and relevant information so that they may be kept informed of the ACCC’s work on their behalf and so that members may continue the advocacy work within their communities.
Member benefit programs
The ACCC is pleased to offer its corporate members several value-added programs.

Note: ACCC membership benefits vary according to membership type.